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BREAKING: New Discovery Leads To Enhanced Memory, Razor Sharp
Mental Clarity, and Dramatically Improved IQ…

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Do you suffer from occasional brain fog and poor mental energy that leaves you feeling tired and unmotivated? Mental fatigue can often have you struggling for just the right words to say in a conversation, to not having enough energy to get through your day.


Do you ever find yourself distracted by Facebook or unable to get into “the zone” when you’re working on an important task? Poor focus and lack of concentration can destroy your productivity and stunt your success in life.


Do you ever find it difficult to remember simple things like where you placed your keys, or important dates and anniversaries, to even struggling to remember what you ate for breakfast just the day before? Studies show this trend is growing fast and will only get worse over time.


What makes some people successful and others not?

Most people think it's all about how smart you are -- in short, your IQ. But it's been
shown countless times that mental energy, and creative output beats IQ every time.

3 Secrets The Rich Use For Success…


You Don’t Have To Be Smart
To Be Rich & Successful…

Although a high IQ certainly helps, if you look at the top 20 wealthiest people in the world, you might be shocked to find out that only one of them has a genius level IQ -- Bill Gates.

Also -- only a third of the people on this list actually graduated from college.

In fact, the average IQ of people with a net worth from 1 million to 10 million dollars is only 116. And if you consider yourself to be a high achiever, then there's a pretty good chance that your IQ is higher than 116.

So how come you're not a millionaire yet?

It's because you simply don't have the mental energy to get there...


Successful People Have More
Energy Than The Rest

According to a study of more than 1,400 people around the world with an average net worth of $2 million, the wealthiest respondents in the sample had 80% more energy than those at the bottom of the sample.

You see, what really makes people successful is their mental energy and ability to focus -- that's what separates 'high achievers’' from ordinary people. Remember -- when you look at the most successful of our time, you realize their IQ is often pretty average.

Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to using 'smart drugs' to give him the energy required to start Facebook -- he's now worth over $50 Billion.

take action

Successful High Net Worth
Individuals TAKE ACTION

Success is the result of sustained creative output.

If you could live your best day, every day, how much more could you achieve?

The problem is, most people don’t achieve their best day once per month, let alone every day.

Sometimes you wake up with brain fog, other times you just feel tired and don't know why. So you struggle to get through the day feeling sluggish and fatigued.

You could have the greatest education, degree, or business idea in the world -- hell you could have the best stock tip, poker hand or other special talent -- but you won't make a dime off it if you don’t have the energy to take action.

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alpha levo energize

Clean Mental Energy
Without The Crash

Every ingredient in Alpha Levo has been carefully selected for it's proven success in multiple clinical trials.

For years people have turned to sugar drinks loaded with heart-destroying ingredients to help get them through the day.

The scientists behind Alpha Levo have developed a way to naturally increase your mental energy without the need for calorie-filled caffeinated beverages.

Alpha Levo doesn't just improve your brain energy, it can also help you learn faster and access years of stored knowledge on command.

A study from the journal PLOS One reported that the ingredients in Alpha Levo can help you identify words and phrases more quickly. Subjects had better memory recall and an increased ability to solve reason-based problems.


  • 1
  • Alpha Levo blocks "tiredness" chemicals (for example, adenosine) that build up in your brain due to excess daily stress so that you can operate without limitation. This can only be described as a ‘lifting’ of the mental fog making way for focus and clarity.
  • 2
  • Alpha Levo releases the sugar sitting in your liver right now, so you can burn it as clean fuel to get you through the day, instead of allowing it to be stored as unsightly belly fat.
  • 3
  • Alpha Levo helps enhance your body’s waking and sleep cycles, so that when you’re awake, you’re awake -- fully charged and alert -- And at night, you’ll be ready to enjoy a deep youth restoring, regenerative sleep.

All The Hype Is Real…

"The Best Way
to Stay Sharp"

"A Dose of Genius"

"Why Successful People
Are Using Them"

"A Powerful Brain
Boosting Supplement"

"Improves Memory
and Concentration"

"Makes Getting Out
of Bed Easy"

alpha levo energize limitless energy


Alpha Levo Energize unleashes a natural flow of clean energy without the depressing crash afterwards. Unlike coffee, or dangerous energy drinks which thrusts your body into overdrive while also releasing harmful "stress hormones" into your bloodstream—Alpha Levo Energize is clean, pure and satisfying.



People who use Alpha Levo Energize say that
their productivity has never been so high. Work
no longer seems like a chore, every task feels
fun, pleasurable and exciting.
And when you
love what you do, it never feels like work!



Have you ever wondered how billionaires can
run multiple companies, and still have time to
travel the world, socialize with celebrities, and
spend weekends on the golf course? You'll no
longer be a slave to time… with Alpha Levo
Energize, you’ll stay focused, on task, and
effectively learn to MASTER time.



The average person hits the snooze button 3
times before they’re able to get out of bed. When
you take Alpha Levo Energize, you’ll practically
leap out of bed each morning, motivated,
and ready to take on the world.

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"I would recommend it
to any of my patients."

"After giving a thorough review of Alpha Levo, I’ve determined that the natural compounds in it could dramatically enhance clarity of thinking, alertness, focus, concentration, memory, and even mood."

"It's difficult to pinpoint exactly which nutrient is the most active or whether it's the combination of many of them that are producing the result, but it’s clear to me that Alpha Levo works and works well. I would recommend it to any of my patients looking to eliminate brain fog, enhance focus and rapidly increase mental clarity."

Dr. Zaid, MD

University of Miami


"I Feel Sharp, Alert and
Switched On All Day Long!"

I am an attorney, so thinking clearly and having the ability to stay focused is necessary for my job.

I used to find that after lunch, I would start hitting a major wall. I'd feel tired, drowsy and not able to operate efficiently and perform at my best.

I decided to take Alpha Levo Energize after a friend recommended it to me and the results literally blew me away.

I not only could sustain focus and stay awake throughout the day, but I felt sharper and more productive.

I can make crucial decisions on the spot with ease and I no longer struggle like a bumbling fool to find the right words to say in the courtroom.

Alpha Levo Energize not only saved my health and career but has also made me one of the top most in-demand (and feared) attorneys in Chicago.



"I’m a Single Mom Who Can Now Juggle Everything With Complete Ease!"

As a single mom with two young daughters, life has been pretty tough in the last year. I’ve had to take on multiple roles at home while battling to work a full-time job to support the family.

As a result, my stress levels and anxiety are super high which is starting to impact my job and role as a mother. On top of that, I sometimes experience ADD like symptoms, and in the past have found it very difficult to manage my life and stay organized.

I want to be the best mother for my kids but it’s hard to stay focused and not feel constantly overwhelmed.

After a recent visit to a friend’s house, her husband who happens to be a neuroscientist, suggested I try your product. Apparently he and his colleagues regularly take it.

I ordered a bottle of Alpha Levo right away. Since taking it, I can’t tell you how good my life is now. I feel calm, focused, and more present with my daughters.

My job performance has elevated to the point where I recently received a higher-paying promotion. I no longer feel overwhelmed and tired. I’m more organized, in control and those annoying ADD issues have gone away.

Would I recommend this product to anyone else? This has made me a much better mom, a better friend, it has allowed me more free time to do all the things I neglected doing in the past. It's also helped me make more money at work. So YES... definitely!



"They Said I Was Lazy & Useless…
Now I'm Having The Last Laugh!"

Wow... this changed my life!

In school, all the teachers would write in my reports that I had so much potential but I was too lazy and unfocused to do anything. I just accepted that I was always going to be this way and things would never change.

In 2011 I watched the movie Limitless and dreamed of taking a pill like that. Last year I read somewhere online that Alpha Levo Energize is the closest thing to a real life smart drug. Your website was almost impossible to find, so I decided to order as many bottles as I could afford.

Although I can't see into the future or write a book in one night, I've managed to learn a new language in just a few weeks and started trading stocks online which now allows me to live a comfortable life at home. (Yeah I want to be that Bradley Cooper character in the movie! lol).

I knew I've always had this ability inside me, but I can thank Alpha Levo Energize enough for helping me finally bring it all out and live to my full potential.



"This is 'Making It Rain' Both
In My Bank Account And In My

If I could give this product 10 stars, I would! This saved me from a miserable life of being broke, fat and dateless. Man, I was a 100% complete LOSER!!!

Taking AL Energize everyday saved me from a lifetime of pain and misery. Now I don't condone gambling but the focus and energy helped me double my income in just 3 months. Not only that, I feel more inspired to hit the gym. It's like I have all this energy and I need to use it someway, so why not pump iron and get those biceps growing!

Now I won't lie, when you have more money and a better body, you get more female attention. But when you do meet a hot girl, you need more than just good looks to keep her attention. Alpha Levo helps me find the right words to say and almost get inside her head. It's like I can 'read her mind!

I know this sounds almost too good to be true but trust me, this pill unlocks something deep inside your brain that turns you into the best version of yourself.

I like to say before you take Alpha Levo Energize, you’re just Clark Kent, and after you take Alpha Levo, you become Superman!



This breakthrough in neuroscience is going to change humanity forever. Right now, this competitive edge is reserved only for the rich and elite.

We're finally able to deliver a healthy dose of clean mental energy without any jitters or crash.

However we can’t guarantee that a product like Alpha Levo Energize will be available for much longer.

In the past when something comes along like Alpha Levo that actually works, Big Pharma have been known to capitalize, securing rights and increasing the price so high, it’s not affordable to the average person.

We recommend you act now and claim your supply of Alpha Levo today before this happens.

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Make The Smart Choice To Try
Alpha Levo Energize Today

What are mental fatigue, poor energy, brain fog, and laziness really costing YOU? What opportunities are you missing out on by not living up to your full potential?

And who else in your life will suffer the consequences, if this continues?

Success has never been an accident, but fortunately, the playing field of achievement has been leveled thanks to Alpha Levo. You owe it to yourself to experience the heights of success and fulfillment Alpha Levo Energize can bring into your life.

In just seconds and for less than the price of your morning cup of coffee, Alpha Levo can safely charge your brain with all the unlimited focus, clean energy and memory-boosting ingredients you need to excel.

Alpha Levo contains the world's most powerful all-natural ingredients for long-lasting clean mental energy without the crash, packed in two easy-to-take daily capsules.

Imagine how different your life will be when you can wake up every morning and know you’re only two servings away from the best day of your life.

Start experiencing the life
of your dreams TODAY!

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You know you owe it to yourself to give Alpha Levo a try… but you
MUST act fast. The reason why Alpha Levo has become so popular,
so fast, with thousands of people, is because the ingredients in
Alpha Levo work!

That's the good news! The bad news is, because the specific blend of exotic ingredients are
rare and are very expensive to produce. And because the demand for Alpha Levo has
become so high, the current prices can’t be guaranteed for much longer.

The demand for Alpha Levo has skyrocketed since it launched online and supplies at the current prices are

But fortunately, when you place your order for Alpha Levo today, you’ll be entered into our special VIP club
where you’re guaranteed VIP pricing for as long as you enjoy Alpha Levo.

That means when you purchase Alpha Levo right now, you’ll lock in your special price on all future orders,

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is backed by a


That means you can try Alpha Levo Energize risk free today and if at any point over the next 90 days you're not absolutely amazed at how well it works -- if you're not amazed by your increased productivity, mental energy and focus -- or for any reason whatsoever -- you can get a refund of even empty bottles by contacting Edge's friendly customer support at 1-800-458-4634 or by emailing support@edgebioactives.com, or by using the quick contact form on this website.

Have These 5 "Special Reports"
for FREE — Now —

While Alpha Levo Energize Is Rushed to Your Doorstep!



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How to harness the power of your dreams to solve difficult problems, heal emotional issues, and finally live out your wildest fantasies––all while you sleep!

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Will You Reach Your Full Potential… Or Not?


Obviously I can't make the decision for you but I believe everything happens for a reason. It wasn't
by accident you landed on this page and it's definitely not an accident that you're still reading now.

Right now, you have an important decision to make… one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

This decision will make a dramatic improvement on your cognitive abilities, and the quality of your life for years to come. You can do nothing, but your problems with memory, focus and attention will only get worse with age.

And let’s face it, nobody wants that.

This is your chance to change the outcome of your life in a very positive way.

Alpha Levo is the only real mental energy enhancer that is currently available to the public, to give you clean energy, improve your working memory, enhance your focus and eliminate brain fog… no crash, no jitters.

It's not only your RIGHT to reach your full potential -- it's your personal responsibility. You were put on this Earth for a reason. Whether you know it or not, you have a mission in life -- a vision and contribution to the world that is uniquely yours.

And if that mission is never realized, the world will be robbed of something wonderful.

That's why it would be a crime if we didn't make it easy as possible for you to get your hands on Alpha Levo, and fully feel what a difference clean mental energy and focus will make in your life right now.

When you claim your supply today, feel confident you've made the right decision, the smart decision, by treating yourself to the greatest mental energy boosting formula ever developed.

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How will I know it’s working?
How quickly does it work?

The way to know if it's working is quite simple.

Life gets easy.

Alpha Levo removes brain fog, so that your brain generates as much clean energy as it was naturally designed to.

When this happens, you’ll notice how much easier problem-solving becomes, almost as if your brain hands you the perfect solution in seconds, every time.

Maybe you notice that you can do mental math without reaching for the calculator.

Or maybe your writing seems to flow more easily, and accurately express what's on your mind. Maybe your conversations with people flow a lot easier and you no longer stumble for the right word. Maybe certain emotional issues that used to bother you, suddenly don't bother you anymore and you feel like you can handle them more easily.

It's really different for every person who chooses to take Alpha Levo Energize and the only way to find out is to try it. You've got nothing to lose (except for some annoying brain fog).


Is it safe to take long-term? Are there any side-effects?

The components of Alpha Levo Energize have been individually tested in nearly 1,000 clinical studies with no reported side effects.

Furthermore, many of the components have been thoroughly tested in children with ADHD in clinical studies and have been reported as safe.

That being said, because this is a fairly potent Mental Energy Enhancer, you must be at least 18 to purchase Alpha Levo, and it’s important to follow the directions on the bottle.

Every time you take Alpha levo, you’ll receive a new influx of creative ideas. In fact, many users claim that Alpha Levo has awakened a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for their work. They’ve become so excited with their elevated levels of creativity and motivation that they don't want to go to sleep.

For this reason, it’s important that Alpha Levo is taken in the morning so that you do not interrupt your sleep.


What makes this different?

Alpha Levo is different because it's the only clean mental energy booster that works without the crash.

Sure the special forces units have their own proprietary cocktails that they use in combat situations, but you would have to be pretty connected to get access to that.

Every ingredient in Alpha Levo has been carefully selected by a team of scientists, who all worked countless hours to bring you this perfect mind-energizing formulation.

Alpha Levo was designed to not only improve your mental energy, but it also helps you learn faster and improve information retention. The main difference is that instead of simply 'stimulating you' like a strong cup of coffee, Alpha Levo is giving your brain what it needs to naturally operate at a higher level.

By supplying your brain with the right neuro-nutrients and neurotransmitter levels, you're lifting the chemical limitation -- which is the primary reason why humans don't tap into their full potential.

You've never experienced anything like Alpha Levo before and the best way to find out now is to try it for yourself. With Edge Bioactives 100% money back guarantee you've really got nothing to lose. Go ahead and claim your supply today.


Can I get it somewhere else online or GNC?

No, Alpha Levo is direct-to-consumer only.

We do this to ensure three corporate values: 1) Use the highest quality ingredients, 2) Give you the best value, and 3) Ensure you have an amazing customer service experience.

When a manufacturer gets their product onto retail shelves, the stores and retail outlets require a huge mark-up so they can take their cut. Therefore the products you see in stores and online retailers contain low-quality cheap ingredients.

By working directly with our valued customers, we’re able to use only the best ingredients. The high quality of our ingredients along with our optimized proprietary blend, allow us to provide you the very best mental energy enhancer on the market.

If Alpha Levo was sold in stores or online retailers, it would have to be priced at $200 a bottle.

By working directly with our customers we can ensure a great customer experience. It’s the type of knowledge and service you won’t receive at any retailer or online store. As valued customers, you deserve only the best product and service.


Will it help me with athletic performance?

The mental energy boost that Alpha Levo delivers gives you an almost unfair advantage. There’s a reason why despite the ingredients being natural, they are banned for competitive use in certain fields of athletics like the olympics.

These effects can make you borderline superhuman where all your senses, physical strength and endurance are heightened. When you perform athletically you will notice yourself entering this zone much, much quicker.

Picture being able to more accurately anticipate and outmaneuver every one of your opponent's moves because your synaptic reflexes are so responsive it’s as if everyone else around you is moving in slow motion.

Imagine pushing your body to the max in the gym with faster recovery time. Alpha Levo amplifies your brain allowing you to tap into the heightened senses and benefits of adrenaline without the rush.

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Is it cheating if I use this in college for better grades?

Legally, there is no problem with using Alpha Levo to improve your grades or advance your career. Many people are doing this every day. You might even be competing against people who are secretly using Alpha Levo to improve work performance and test scores.

The good news is, unlike sports -- there are no rules against using supplements to enhance your performance in business or school. Alpha levo is 100% legal and safe to use in this manner.

Now ethically, this question might have a different answer altogether, because while it might be totally legal to use Alpha Levo to improve your results, some people might think of it as an ‘unfair’ advantage, allowing you to achieve things that would otherwise be impossible without it.

In this case you have to ask yourself: How much is your true potential worth to you? Is this something that’s important to you? If so, then you owe it to yourself to claim your supply and see what’s in store for you.


Is my credit card safe?

Your card is completely safe… you’ll be charged by Edge Bioactives, the makers of Alpha Levo Energize. Edge Bioactives has hundreds of thousands of customers just like you who enjoy the benefits of Alpha Levo each and every day.

We have a top notch billing department that uses the same advanced privacy-protected shopping cart systems as big name online retailers such as Amazon.com.

We process millions of transactions each year using a 256-bit secure encryption technology on every order which makes it impossible for your private information to be intercepted and accessed by a 3rd party.

So YES! your credit card information is absolutely guaranteed 100% SAFE & SECURE.

In fact your card is much safer with us than a department store or restaurant because there's no employee physically handling your card. Simply enter your information on the secure checkout page, receive your supply of Alpha Levo and start enjoying your new life today.


Do I need a prescription for Alpha Levo Energize?

Fortunately Alpha Levo is now available to the public, so there's no need for a prescription.

However we can’t guarantee it will stay like this in the future.

In the past when something comes along like Alpha Levo that actually works, Big Pharma have been known to capitalize, securing rights and increasing the price so high, it’s not affordable to the average person.

We recommend you act now and claim your supply of Alpha Levo today before this happens.

And just remember, Alpha Levo is the only safe and proven way to naturally boost your mental energy and give you unlimited focus, concentration and power throughout the day.

In fact, Alpha Levo is so safe, we've had reports of world leading doctors and surgeons use Alpha Levo to perform critical life-saving tasks.

Alpha Levo is the secret weapon for many of the greatest minds and has even inspired some of the world's greatest achievements.

What will you achieve when you take Alpha Levo Energize today?

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